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Zilis Ultracell for Golfers

Over the past few months CBD has been flying high on golfers radar. For anyone that tuned into the 2019 Masters golf tournament it was challenging to miss Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson and others chewing gum profusely. There were also video snippets of Phil Michelson taking a tincture of an unknown substance speculated to be CBD oil. Shortly after the Masters concludes PGA Champion Scott McCarron beats everyone to the punch signing the first CBD endorsement deal. All of this occurring after the PGA Tour officials issue a warning about using CBD products at their own risk due to the potential of golfers ingesting THC.

The moral of the story is simply if you don't use a trusted source of pure CBD, you don't know what your taking. Enter Zilis. With the ability to scan the QR code and have third party test results allows for complete transparency as to the exact contents of each Zilis bottle. Knowing that Zilis is certified organic as well as water soluble for up to 94% absorption golfers can trust Zilis will provide them exactly what they desire. The fact that CBD oil is now being seen as an asset in which golfers can curb their anxiety, reduce their stress, maintain a full range of motion by reducing pain, as well as other incentives is enough for PGA tour stars to gain every advantage possible.

John Rollins, pictured with on left with Zilis Founder Steven Thompson on the right, is a 19 year PGA tour professional and huge Zilis Ultracell fan. Visit our product page at and see which Zilis product is right for you!

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